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Ashleigh Thurston
Class of 2019 
 Entrepreneurship & Marketing Minor
Hometown: Wharton, NJ

What Baker programs were you involved in?

? iPrize; LaunchBayC; Innovation; VENTURESeries; Baker’s Dozen Dinners;

EUREKA! Ventures Competition Finalist.


What project were/are you involved with?

Cake This: Spoonable Cake.

What problem did your project address and what was the solution?

For Cake This, we solved the following customer problems: lack of differentiated consumer options of grab-and-go desserts; optimal cake to icing ratio (cake often has too little icing and too much cake, or vice versa); and lack of unique and attention grabbing dessert product offerings at events. Therefore, we deliver the value of a unique, eye-catching dessert option; portability and convenience as a single serve option; flavor options that appeal to all ages and preferences; and the golden ratio of cake to icing that provides the perfect bite of cake every time.

What was your “transformative moment” during this project?

I have learned that it is important to question everything and take every opportunity to share thoughts and ideas because who knows, your idea could be something revolutionary. All of my transformative moments with my projects and work here at Lehigh would not have been possible if I wasn’t surrounded by such influential and intellectual individuals who challenge me and stretch my imaginative abilities. I have hustled and been lucky enough to have been part of programs and learning experiences that have allowed me to do collaborative work and get honest, genuine criticism. 

What are you dreams for this project?

My dream is to launch Cake This online and in select boutique food stores and high end supermarkets. I hope to also open a store in NYC where customers can come and experience spoonable cake and maybe even be able to customize their own cake to frosting ratio and flavor combination.

What do you foresee as your next steps in life?

I will be looking for opportunities to travel abroad and get more experiences with different people and cultures. I will also be continuing working on my business and growing it to be what I imagine it to be. I want to remain involved with The Baker Institute here at Lehigh and help both graduates and undergraduates bring their ideas to life. I want to do some research on the creative thought process to better understand where and under what circumstances great ideas are born. I will be graduating from Lehigh in 2019; post-graduation I would be honored to be a part of the technical entrepreneurship master's program here at Lehigh. I hope to one day live in Europe start my next stage in life there.

What are your other passions (hobbies, heroes, sports, etc.)?

I am passionate about my family and friends and making sure I take care of my close and important relationships. I do my best to make my family, friends, and coaches, teammates proud (I run track and cross-country); I look to be a role model for others and live my life authentically. My biggest heroes have been my grandma, grandpa, parents and my high school cross country coaches. Those individuals helped me grow and lead me through good and challenging times. I enjoy running long distances, Olympic weightlifting, trying new foods and traveling to new places. I try to celebrate all national holidays in some form or fashion. I am also a big fan of baking, looking at and interpreting artwork, reading poetry, watching movies and finding new, interesting music to listen to.