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The Hatchery is powered by the Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation whose mission is to empower students through the lens of entrepreneurship. This summer will be an immersive entrepreneurial experience in partnership with incredible individuals and departments on campus who fully believe in this mission


The Hatchery is an immersive, full time learning experience where participants apply design thinking and lean startup methods to develop solutions and test potential business ideas. We want students who are passionate about learning the foundational skills of entrepreneurship while working on problems that matter.

The Hatchery will make its summer home in the “Innovation Triangle” on the Asa Packer Campus, anchored at FML’s open creativity space on the 6th floor and utilizing the vast array of technologies available through LTS, dedicated outdoor space and access to maker spaces on campus.

Hatchery 2018 Media

The Hatchery summer program to explore applications of entrepreneurship

The Brown & White - April 10, 2018


Students gain entrepreneurship skills at the Hatchery

The Brown & White - September 10, 2018

Mentor Meet Up (video)

Baker Institute - July 12, 2018


Lehigh U. students cook up 'hackathon' to address food waste - July 20, 2018

Food Waste Hackathon at Factory (video featuring Hatchery hackathon)

thePeakTV - August 3, 2018

Scenes from South Mountain: Demo Day

Lehigh University - August 10, 2018

Students 'Hatch,' Test 21 Potential Business Ideas

Lehigh University - August 13, 2018

Innovative ideas take flight at the Hatchery, EdTech nest reconstructs tutoring model

Lehigh Library & Technology Services - September 10, 2018 

Food Waste in the Valley (documentary special featuring Hatchery hackathon)

PBS39 - September 18, 2018 

Hatchery summer pictures     |     Hackathon 07/27-07/28 pictures     |     Demo Day 08/09 pictures


12 weeks - 40 hrs/week

Start: late May 21, 2019

End: August 8, 2019

Lehigh University

Asa Packer Campus

Explore startup opportunities using:

Design Thinking

Lean Startup Method

Business Model Canvas

​Receive support through:


Guest Experts

Coaching & Mentoring

Each day, work with a community of students,​ faculty & staff who want to change the world and believe they can.

You’ll develop your own ideas, while constantly collaborating with cohort members.

Don’t forget the fun stuff!

Hatchery community events will bring the whole group together!



You’ve got ideas, but it can be hard to know where to start. The Hatchery consists of different “Nests”, each with a different topic of focus.

Nests are led by faculty/staff/community experts who will help students develop problem based ideas into entrepreneurial solutions.

Check out our nests from Summer 2018. Summer 2019 nests will be announced later this year. 



Become the entrepreneur you never knew you wanted to be by creating innovative solutions within a topic of your choice


Earn 9 credits in entrepreneurship. 

THE homelab NEST

habitat for humanity

Homelessness, sustainable housing, and community empowerment challenges will be tackled through the lens of new venture creation.

THE edtech NEST

peer to peer learning

Peer-to-peer learning is a proven winner.  What technical innovations and business models can leverage it to improve the higher education experience?

THE healthcare NEST

future of connected care

Ask the question “What challenges in the health, social care, and wellness sectors might be addressed in an entrepreneurial way?” Then answer it...

THE civlab NEST

community engagement

There are many social issues and emerging opportunities in both local and global communities.  How might we address them, while adding value and empowering all stakeholders to enrich the community?


Sarah Stanlick

Ashley Sciora



The Hatchery is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.
Applications will be open shortly for Summer 2019. Contact with any questions. 

The Venture Nest is a 9-credit program available for both Lehigh and non-Lehigh students. All other nests in the Hatchery are non-credit bearing and only open to current Lehigh students. 

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If you have any questions about the Hatchery we are here to help! 

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