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Design thinking


What is Design Thinking?


A human-centered approach to problem solving. Practitioners from multiple disciplines across nearly every industry utilize this methodology to develop innovative solutions to challenges. The process involves five key stages: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test.


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Introducing "Design Thinking for Future Makers"

New for 2024!

In support of Lehigh University's Inspiring the Future Makers strategic plan, "Design Thinking for Future Makers" is a series of co-curricular modules integrated throughout students' regular plan of study.  Working alongside deans, faculty, and other key members of the Lehigh University community, Baker Institute's knowledgeable facilitators introduce students to the principles of Design Thinking and develop their Entrepreneurial Mindset. Students actively practice the process, build confidence in their ability to solve real-world challenges, and learn more about the vast array of innovation-sparking resources available to them during their time at Lehigh, 


Take a full-semester course in Design Thinking!

ENGR 089 - Introduction to Design Thinking for Innovation

Design Thinking is a proven process for identifying problems and creating solutions to address them and is the foundation of this cross disciplinary course. Basic understanding, key tools and terminology of Design Thinking and related processes that encourage creativity as a way to innovate, will be explored. Students will be exposed to the process, and attitudes needed to frame and reframe problems, challenge assumptions, access their creativity, generate innovative ideas/solutions, and tell compelling stories to communicate their ideas. The emphasis is on learning by doing and focuses on practicing the 5 steps in Design Thinking: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test  that can be applied to virtually any area where new solutions are needed. 


Prerequisites: None 

Open to: all years, all majors

Interested in learning more or bringing a Design Thinking workshop to your crew?


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The principles of Design Thinking can be used to boost your group's creative confidence, to help them reframe and reconsider challenges, or serve as a platform for a unified approach and vocabulary to use when solving problems togeher in the future.  Design Thinking workshops can be customized to fit into nearly any window of time and we'll work with you to emphasize the relevance to your primary audience.

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