Competition Categories
Competition Categories

Throughout the year, the Pitch Nights award many students funding and mentoring and each student that wins during a Pitch Night is given the chance to be considered for our largest awards, given out annually at the Innovate! Celebrate! celebration in April. More information regarding these awards will be sent to winners in the spring semester. 

Joan F. & John M. Thalheimer ’55 Student Entrepreneurs Competition
The Thalheimer Student Entrepreneurs Competition awards resources to students interested in launching innovative ventures with early stage business models. These include, but aren’t limited to, for-profit startup ideas in any industry, field, or area of interest in technology, science,
non-technical, retail, environment, Internet, products or services, etc.

Michael W. Levin ’87 Advanced Technology Competition
The Levin Advanced Technology Competition seeks to provide resources to student innovators enrolled in the college of engineering, who want to move their early stage technology venture to the next level. The winners of this competition have previously won the Thalheimer competition or have advanced their technology or commercialization efforts to a higher level.

Hans Baer ’47 International Social Venture Competition And Domestic Social Venture Competition 
For those who want to make a difference - around the globe or on Bethlehem’s south side. Whether it’s a new technology or innovative service, not-for-profit or profit-for-a-purpose, these competitions seek proposals from students who want to make a big difference & have a plan to do it. 

Davis Projects for Peace
Davis Projects for Peace is an invitation to undergraduates at the American colleges and universities in the Davis United World College Scholars Program to design grassroots projects that they will implement during the summer of 2020. The projects judged by the Davis Foundation to be the most promising will be funded at $10,000 each. The objective is to encourage and support today’s motivated youth to create and try out their own ideas for building peace. All applications for the Social Venture Competitions will be automatically considered for the Davis Projects for Peace. If you want to be considered as a nominee for the Davis prize, you must apply with a Social Venture and pitch at a EUREKA event prior to January 15, 2020. 


Joan F. & John M. Thalheimer ’55 Grand Prize for the EUREKA! Competition Series
The Grand Prize is an overarching award that recognizes the student venture from any of the EUREKA! Competitions that shows the most entrepreneurial promise. This year, the winners of the 3 competitions listed above pitched live during our annual Innovate! Celebrate! awards dinner and were judged by 3 area experts. 

2019 - 2020 Winners 

September 2019

Stage 1 Awarded Coaching:

BestRun: B2B video surveillance AI for the snow sports industry.

Nicholas Yarnall '20G


Petwork: The Digital Hub for all Things Pets

Spencer Lander '23


Stage 1 Awarded Coaching & Money:

Chandler Performance: Chandler Performance customizes hands on, interactive workshops for middle/high school students to improve upon everyday skills and mindsets to help them reach their ultimate potentials.

Ethan Smith '22


SmartMat: SmartMat is a fully waterproof electronic shower mat that detects when a person has fallen and informs emergency contacts.

Jean-Pierre Fearon '22, Nicholas Evangeline '22


Stage 2 Awarded Coaching & Money:

Competitips: The first artificially intelligent video game coach.

Ben Mesnik '22


Stage 3 Awarded Coaching:

Empire Visuals Inc: We are a team of FAA certified drone pilots that help real estate agents showcase the full value of their properties on their online listings through the use of compelling aerial videography.

Steven Gerazounis '21


Stage 3 Awarded Coaching & Money:

Rebar Strength Systems LLC: A web-based B2C SaaS that offers personalized strength coaching at an affordable price.

Joe Guzikowski '20

Valvetronic Designs: We engineer valved exhaust system where the driver of the car can control their sound level at the touch of a button.

Austin Huffman '21

October 2019

Stage 1 Awarded Coaching & Money:

Campus App: An app for first year students to find their community at Lehigh.

Nick Owens '22


Stage 2 Awarded Coaching & Money:

BestRun: AI Integrated Surveillance Systems for Ski Resorts

Nicholas Yarnall '20G

Stage 3 Awarded Coaching & Money:

Valvetronic Designs: We engineer valved exhaust system where the driver of the car can control their sound level at the touch of a button.

Austin Huffman '21 and Scott Gruninger '20

November 2019

Stage 1 Awarded Coaching & Money:

Tech Interview Quiz App: A daily quiz app to help people conveniently study for technical interviews on the go

Amanda Baran '21 and Olivia Grimes '21

Wireless Mouse Phone Accessory: A phone attachment that functions as an optical mouse.

Shaun Coulter '22

Stage 2 Awarded Coaching & Money:

ADspace: LED panel displaying mobile advertisements on cars

Steven Kattouf '22

Embolix : An innovative take on the IVC filter designed to promote blood flow.

Kelly Jacob '20G

Stage 3 Awarded Coaching & Money:

The Direct: A brand that provides people with hubs of specialized content about the things that they love.

Brian Grodzki '19

January 2020

Stage 1 Awarded Coaching & Money:

FoliQ: FoliQ is a company where people can send in sample of their hair so that they can learn about its chemical properties and they can receive customizable hair care products based on the results of their sample. SareenaKarim '22


Stage 2 Awarded Coaching & Money:

DERT: DERT is a contractor to contractor rental platform that allows heavy equipment owners to generate revenue from their idle equipment

Sam McCloskey '19 '20G


Stage 3 Awarded Coaching & Money:

Valvetronic Designs: Designs produces valved exhausts for the BMW platform and has recently launched a special ops program for high end cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari and others like them.

Austin Huffman '21, Scott Gruninger '20

February 2020

Stage 1 Awarded Coaching & Money:

Oleo: Natural organic personal care and home care products.

Xavier Rodriguez Silfa '20

Stage 2 Awarded Coaching & Money:

Lehigh University Ground Transportation Solutions: Platform based service to provide Lehigh students transportation to/from major regional airports.

Karim Rajmohamed '20, Maxime Martin '20


AthLink: AthLink is a platform to connect student-athletes to alumni mentors.

Lidia Breen '19 '20G

DragPack: An adaptive pack which incorporates an attached sled for transport ease will eliminate the need for multiple trips out of the woods, mountains, or grasslands by allowing the hunter to carry all of their gear and harvest.

Cole Walter '19 '20G


Stage 3 Awarded Coaching & Money:

BestRun: BestRun is a B2B crowd management solution for ski resorts that utilizes integrated AI surveillance systems.

Nicholas Yarnall '20


WoodGoods Lacrosse: We sell personalized wooden lacrosse shafts to both consumers and retailers.

Justin Gelwicks '23

Check out photos from all our EUREKA! Pitch Nights!

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