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Our network of students, faculty and alumni is inclusive, diverse and dedicated to the the three pillars on which Baker is built: entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.



The Farrington Award for Outstanding Commitment to Entrepreneurship at Lehigh, is given in the name of Gregory Farrington , Lehigh’s 12th president (1998-2006) who championed the breaking down of disciplinary walls and experimenting with new information technologies to improve student learning.


Integrated Product Development, Computer Science and Business, Integrated Business and Engineering and the Entrepreneurship Minor all came into being during his presidency. He was an effective advocate of partnering with government and industry to make the city and region a better place to live, work and learn while strengthening the university and spurring regional economic development. Farrington cleared the way and planted the seeds that allowed the explosive growth in entrepreneurship at Lehigh

that we celebrate today.

Today, the Farrington Award is bestowed annually by the Baker Institute to an individual whose efforts help Lehigh make strides in entrepreneurship education, continuing the tradition of the growth in programs, curriculum, and facilities at Lehigh championed by Gregory Farrington.


2005/06 - Michael Bertuch ’82

2006/07 - George Kledaras ’87

2007/08 - John Thalheimer ’55

2008/09 - Michael Levin ’87

2009/10 - Josh Cohen ’85

2010/11 -Dexter Baker ’50G ’57 H’81

2011/12 - Dale Falcinelli ’70 ’72G

2012/13 - Bill Kirsch ’76

2013/14 – Geoff Schneider ’88

2014/15 – Alita Friedman ’87

2015/16 – R. Chadwick Paul, Jr. ’76 ’78G

2016/17 – Tom Gillis ’14P ’17P ’19P

2017/18 – Tim Eades

2018/19 – Joan F. Thalheimer

2020/21 - Paul Martino '95

2021/22 - Jamie Flinchbaugh '94

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