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Hanna Brosky
Class of 2018
Environmental Engineering
Entrepreneurship Minor
Hometown: Alburtis, PA

What Baker programs were you involved in?

LaunchBayC, Baker’s Dozen. I’ve done a lot of entrepreneurship programs because of my minor. I went to Kenya this past March. That was with the International Social Entrepreneurship class, a mix between entrepreneurship and sustainable development.


What project were/are you involved with?

In LaunchBayC I did Froothie, which is a smoothie for individuals with diabetes, and we just chemically removed the fructose so that they can benefit from fruits without worrying about their sugar levels.


What problem did your project address and what was the solution?

We all realized health was something we were passionate about. From there, we looked for an epidemic that needs to be solved and diabetes was obviously a huge research avenue for us. We realized that fruit, of all things, is something diabetics can’t eat. We wondered what we could remove from fruits to where they could still benefit from it, and fructose is the highest sugar level, something they can’t really process. We just have to homogenize the smoothie itself and pass it through a filter. Once it passes through the filter, it’s a smoothie without as much fructose.

What was your “transformative moment” during this project?

I think one of the coolest moments was during an open house at LaunchBayC. Professors, investors and alumni came to see us. There were chemistry professors that have been in this field for tens of years and I was having this conversation with them, teaching them something. When they left, my group and I, we screamed! These people were interested and they wanted it. There were at least five people who said, “My granddaughter, my daughter, I know people who have diabetes. Can I have this? This is something we need!” So even if Froothie fails, I still won.


What are you dreams for this project?

If this project doesn’t go anywhere, it went a long way with me. I didn’t know what entrepreneurship was, but now I’m minoring in it and I want to start my own business when I graduate. So this changed my life completely.

What do you foresee as your next steps in life?

Even if Froothie fails, I still won. I know that when I graduate, I want to start a company in the environmental field. If that takes working countless jobs I don’t love to get to what I do love, I’m not worried. It took LaunchBayC and Baker Institute for me to realize that.

What are your other passions (hobbies, heroes, sports, etc.)?

I sing, so music is a huge passion for me. Track is my 100% outside activity. Lehigh is incredible, but it is extremely competitive. You’re either doing it 100% or you don’t do it...Heroes? Someone I look up to and aspire to be is Elon Musk. He’s changing the world. I, more than anything, want to change the world. The fact that he can think of things that are not only gorgeous product-wise, but benefit the environment – it’s beautiful.