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THE HATCHERY 2023: MAY 22, 2023 - June 30, 2023

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Demo Day 2023 will be June 29th !

At the conclusion of Hatchery 2023 participants will showcase their venture projects to the Lehigh community during Hatchery Demo Day at Wilbur Powerhouse, 12 E Packer Ave, Bethlehem,

from noon to 2pm.


Demo Day

That means your six-week ticket for the summer of 2023 includes exclusive access to the best of the best in Baker Institute resources and expert mentors - all the essentials, all in one place, all of it at your fingertips everyday while you take your ideas to the next level!

We know students are at different stages of the idea to launch continuum. Some have venture projects generating income. Some have an idea with an early prototype. Some have identified a problem they want to solve. And some want to make a difference in the world, but don't have an idea yet - and that's OK too! Whether you are cracking open ideas, hatching enterprises, or something in between, the Hatchery is your all-inclusive ticket to student entrepreneurship at Lehigh powered by the Baker Institute.

  • Info Session to learn more about the program: January 26th, 4:30-5:30pm. Register here.

  • Early Decision Applications Deadline: January 30th, 2023

  • Application Deadline: Feb 20th, 2023

  • To learn more, visit our Program Details page.


The Baker Institute curates a special Hatchery experience for you based on where you are in your entrepreneurial journey...from "I've been thinking about it, but I don't how to come up with an idea" to "I have the idea, the prototype, and the audience...what's next?!"


When you apply to join the Hatchery, we'll help you find your place. Whether you walk in with an idea or not - you will complete The Hatchery with the skills and experience to make a difference in the world.


This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students who love the idea of being a problem-solver with an entrepreneurial spirit, but don't know where to start! We're cracking open the secrets behind creativity & innovation in a setting that is packed with resources, mentors, and a network of peers who are new to this world, too! The biggest secret? Those with a solid foundation in human-centered problem solving - something we call Design Thinking - are more likely to succeed.


We know learning a whole new way of thinking can feel intimidating, but if you like to ask questions, solve problems, or are passionate about making a difference in the world, you're already halfway there! 


In this track, you will learn the basics through workshops and expert-led activities. From identifying a problem you want to solve to creating a solution that your audience will love, you'll leave the Hatchery with the skills to think differently about problems and solutions...whether it's in your first job after graduation or as a startup founder yourself!


This is an exclusive experience for students who are already testing solutions for a problem, students with venture projects that have a prototype, or student entrepreneurs with a clear business model. If you want to level up your student venture project - in a space with full-time access to tailored resources - this is the place for you!


You'll have access to our Hatchery workshops and lessons during your six-week experience, but you'll also connect with passionate mentors and coaches excited to guide you in your next steps as an entrepreneur. 


We know student entrepreneurs are balancing a lot. In this track, we're offering you a full-time summer experience where your venture is your priority. You'll learn, develop, and test in an environment designed for your success without the pressure of additional courses or grading.

Students who participate in The Hatchery do not give up ownership or equity in their venture projects. 

Are you a student athlete with a passion for problem solving? The Baker Institute offers a special Hatchery experience tailored to student athletes based on the success of our Homefield Advantage program.


Lehigh student athletes have access to our signature Hatchery program but with some added flexibility in scheduling. Please note on your Hatchery application that you are a student athlete, and we'll take it from there!


wait, there's more!

the hatchery is ALSO a
game-changer on your resume...

Students who've completed the Hatchery often tell us that sharing their Hatchery experience with employers during an interview helped them land a job. Your six weeks with us is more than a line item under experience! It's also:


  • Completion of expert-led training in Design Thinking and problem solving 

  • Development of live pitching and presentation skills

  • Knowledge and application of lean startup methods and basics in entrepreneurship

  • Experience in prototyping and testing



The best part of an all-inclusive experience like this one? You have unlimited access to all the perks for one price! The best part of our all-inclusive Hatchery experience? The price is zero!


The Hatchery is a free opportunity for Lehigh University students who apply and are accepted into the 2023 cohort. The application is open to all students from every year and major across campus. 

For students who need financial support to secure living accommodations during this full time six-week program in the summer term, the Baker Institute offers cost of living grants to those who qualify with a demonstrated need. Once we understand your needs (we'll ask for more info in the application) we will provide direct financial support as well as assistance in identifying other financial support opportunities. 


Please keep in mind:

  • You will not be asked to commit to the program until any cost of living grants or financial support have been finalized

  • Applications will be reviewed needs blind meaning requests for cost of living grants will not affect our decision about you as a candidate for the program

  • The program occurs between 9am-5pm Monday - Friday allowing participants to hold a job during non program hours


Need more Info?

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If you have any questions about the Hatchery we are here to help! 

Send us an email at

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