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HomeLab, an initiative of the Baker Institute that focuses student entrepreneurs towards work in the area of housing stability, sustainability and equitable access has taken form in a new partnership between the Baker Institute and Lehigh Athletics: Homefield Advantage.


Although HomeLab has previously had its home within the summer Hatchery program, this new outing allows students to work on entrepreneurial solutions to the affordable, sustainable housing crisis within the structure of a traditional semester. Ideally, the student athletes working in Homefield Advantage will connect their athletic "can-do" approach with the entrepreneurial underpinnings of Baker programming, resulting in venture projects that will resonate with both the student entrepreneurs and the HomeLab ethos.

Homefield Advantage is new 8 week program in which athletes engage in the entrepreneurial process while they are not competing. The Baker Institute in partnership with the Athletics Leadership team will help student athletes focus their efforts on training for a new game - innovation and entrepreneurship.


Homefield Advantage is a concept understood by all athletes. Student athletes in the program will work in teams to create ways for more people to experience the advantages of having secure living conditions by developing entrepreneurial solutions to shelter and housing related issues.  


The challenge will be to develop solutions for affordable, sustainable, accessible housing through innovation in areas such as materials, policy, housing as an industry and more. Each week there will be training workshops and coaching sessions to provide knowledge and guidance. At the end of the workshop series, participants will compete against the other teams in the program, receive recognition of completion and get access to mentoring and other resources should they decide to continue the project. The winning team will have pitched the Best Idea, shown they had the Best Execution Strategy and Made the Most Progress.

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Student-Athletes as Entrepreneurs: A Natural Fit, by Justin Lafleur via 

Using Her Homefield Advantage: Marina Mendez by Justin Lafleur via

Using Her Homefield Advantage: Anna Harvey by Justin Lafleur via

Using His Homefield Advantage: Jan Maciejewski by Justin Lafleur via

The inaugural Homefield Advantage Pitch Competition was a great success! The teams pitched their ideas for a panel of Lehigh alumni judges before one team was awarded for the "Best Idea." Thank you to all who participated! 


Home Ownership Continuum 

Nicholas Lynam '23 | Swimming and Diving 

Ryelle Shuey '23 | Soccer 

Marina Mendez '23 | Golf

Jake Stafford '23 | Swimming and Diving 

Sarah Bonthuis '23 | Field Hockey 

Bridget Casey '22 | Soccer

Sustainable Sustainability 

Miranda Royds '21 | Soccer

Mackenzie Anton '21 | Soccer

Jaelynn Chesson '22 | Softball 

Reed Fenton '23 | Basketball

Anna Harvey '23 | Basketball

Gabriella Nori '22 | Softball 

Modern Day Redlining - WINNERS!

Nigel Summerville '23 | Football

Mackenzie Kramer '24 | Basketball

Jan Maciejewski '22 | Football

Jake Betlow '23 | Basketball

Evan Taylor '21| Basketball


Jessie Garcia '12, '13G | Founder, Tozuda

Dozie Mbonu '92 | Co-Founder and CEO, Janerette’s Eco-Friendly Fungi 

Carly Potock '12 | Co-Founder and CEO, Canvas+Co

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