Our programs teach students to recognize problems as opportunities and create valuable solutions. No matter their area of study, students learn to see the world through the lens of entrepreneurship. 

How do we do this? Through Design Thinking. 

How To Get Involved

Lehigh - and the Baker Institute - has a lot to offer when it comes to entrepreneurship. It can be challenging to know where to start. This guide should make it easier to make your first (or fifth) step towards thinking like an entrepreneur. 

Attend a EUREKA! Pitch Night

Think of EUREKA! Pitch Nights like Shark Tank. But instead of Sharks, we have successful local entrepreneurs and Lehigh alumni serving as judges and they want to award cash and coaching for students with great ideas. Anyone is welcome to come and watch this monthly event and we always have pizza!🍕🍕

Take an Entrepreneurship Class

Whether you aim to be an entrepreneur or simply to become more innovative within existing companies or non-profit enterprises, students in any major can supplement that major with a entrepreneurial mindset that will increase your ability to identify opportunities for innovation, to challenge the status quo in any field and to implement sustainable change. 

Apply for the Hatchery

The best way to spend your summer is an immersive, full time learning experience where participants apply design thinking and lean startup methods to develop solutions to big problems and test potential business ideas. This is perfect for students who are passionate about learning the foundational skills of entrepreneurship while working on problems that matter. 

Join A Student Club

New Ventures Club seeks to inspire and push future entrepreneurs and technical enthusiasts towards creating and developing new ideas. Each semester there are different events, including speakers and workshops, that help further develop students' interest in entrepreneurship. 

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"I want to learn about entrepreneurship, but I don't know where to start."
"I have an idea that I want to further explore, but I need some help."

Apply to Pitch at a EUREKA! Pitch Night

Through a series of competitions and a final pitch to a board of experts, the EUREKA! program offers a platform for students, faculty and alumni to work creatively toward needed business proposals. All idea levels are welcome to apply - from "back of the napkin" sketch to fully prototyped and problem-validated. 

Join the Lehigh Entrepreneurs Network on LinkedIn

Get connected to over 2,000 Lehigh alumni who share a passion for entrepreneurship! 

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"Ok, I'm sold - I LOVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP! What else can I do?

Attend the Startup Job Fair

February 27, 2020

Start Up Job Fair is an annual startup event that bridges the talent pool of Lehigh University students and startups across different fields.

Apply For LehighSiliconValley

LehighSiliconValley brings Lehigh undergraduate and graduate students together with alumni in Silicon Valley, the hub of entrepreneurship, for a week-long immersion into new-venture creation. Students are focusing on real companies, real players, and real situations in real time.

Spend the Summer Interning Abroad with the Global Entrepreneurship Fellowships

In the Summer of 2020, the Baker Institute and the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter will partner to send 8-10 students to India, Germany, Rwanda, and the UK where they will experience firsthand India’s exciting startup ecosystem.

Expo Your Idea At Creativate

October 22, 2019

Our annual celebration of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity!

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