Our programs teach students to recognize problems as opportunities and create valuable solutions. No matter their area of study, students learn to see the world through the lens of entrepreneurship. 

Separate from the EUREKA! Ventures Competition, the Baker Institute offers the iPrize - an annual cash prize for a new idea, invention or innovation.

The iPrize is open to ALL Lehigh University students. Finalists are required to exhibit during the Innovation Alley event at the annual Baker Institute Innovate! Celebrate! awards dinner on April 25th.

At this event, guests will vote with fake money for their top choices. That fake money will turn into a real cash prize of $1,500 to be divided between the winners and announced at the end of the awards dinner. 

iPrize Competition Details

Application Deadline
The 2017 application has closed.

(1) The iPrize is open to ALL Lehigh University students; we welcome all disciplines and years to apply (both Undergraduate and Graduate).

(2) You must be a full-time Lehigh University student 

(3) You cannot submit an idea that is (or was) being used for an operating business (i.e. cannot be a formed legal entity, be selling product, or raising funds)

(4) You cannot have already placed in the EUREKA! competition for this idea

(5) You must be available to pitch your idea in a trade show like format on April 25th from 4:30pm - 8:30pm




That's it! So what great idea, invention, or innovation do you have to share?

The 2017 application has closed.
Look out for next year!

Take a Look at

Past Winners!


Ashleigh Thurston '19 (first place) for Cake This, a spoonable cake snack that combines cake and icing in small, ready-to-go containers; Andrew Benito ’17 (second place) for HealthyU, a bluetooth kit which streams your vitals to physicians for remote doctors appointments; and Benjamin Glickenhaus '16 and Jeff Schwartz '16 (third place) for The Coin, a news and media platform that incentivizes young people to inform themselves about the world.


Steve Boerner ’15G (first place) for Hatch House, an entrepreneurial live-work space; Brian Flynn ’15G (second place) for Munchr, a food delivery app; and David DiFrancesco ’16 and Tyler Bond ’15 (third place) for Crafty, a craft beer discovery tool app - See article


(tie) Benjamin Hain ’14, creator of Green Wave, a no-money-down system for insulating houses; and graduate student Chongzhao Wu for the terahertz semiconductor laser for a space telescope.


Jessie Garcia ’12 ’13G, creator of Tozuda’s low-tech, force-detecting mouth guard for athletes.


Allyson Coff ’12 and Alexander Galakatos ’12, founders of Streamback, which combines music downloading and charitable giving - See article