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Nicole Lando
Class of 2018
Hometown: Lancaster, PA

What Baker programs were you involved in?

LaunchBayC and Creativate


What project were/are you involved with?

Water Vibes. I started out working with Sasha Rubman in the Alzheimer’s group. I realized that as we were doing all of these nursing home visits, talking to people, that dehydration was a common theme. So then I started research on dehydration and trying to figure out where I could best fit a product to help resolve some of the issues related to it.


What problem did your project address and what was the solution?

We foundout that the huge problem with dehydration was not so much the dehydration itself, but that it was easily preventable if you just had people constantly drinking throughout the day, rather than forgetting. I know I’ve gone days where I’ll reach the end of the day and if I don’t have my water with me, I won’t drink any water. So basically what we created was Water Vibe, which is a dehydration prevention system. It syncs with either your Fitbit or your smartphone and basically what it does is, it calculates how much water you should be drinking in a day, and it adjusts for your different needs. The “8 glasses per day” is an umbrella statement, because everybody is different. A football player doesn’t need 8 glasses a day, and a 6-year-old might not need 8 glasses a day. So basically what we do is we figure out what you should be drinking per day and send you reminders so that by the end of the day, you’re not dehydrated. We’re preventing complications such as heatstroke, passing out and things like that.

What was your “transformative moment” during this project?

I run Spartan races – which are like obstacle course races – and I ran my third one this summer with 2 my Dad and brother, but it was their first. It was in the middle of July and it felt like 100 degrees that day. So I told them, “Hey guys, make sure you are hydrating the whole week, because you need to be preparing you body for the race.” They didn’t listen to me and then the day of the race they both got cramps. They got fatigued and had to stop. I knew it wasn’t a fitness thing, because they’re in better shape than I am. But that was something that just kind of validated the problem for me.


What are you dreams for this project?

I don’t really know at this point. We’re just getting people to start testing the Fitbit portion of the app. I think it would be really cool if we could just get an app itself out there.

What do you foresee as your next steps in life?

I’m applying specifically to programs that will help me get both my Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies, but also my Master’s in Public Health. I am really interested in public health administration and cardiology.

What are your other passions (hobbies, heroes, sports, etc.)?

I really love working out. It’s been one of those things when everything else seems to be going in shambles, being able to focus in on my workouts – it’s always been kind of a stress relief for me...Heroes? I’m a fan of all the X-Men superheroes. Thing that I like about the superheroes is not so much their power, but what their weaknesses are. They all have different personalities and different sensibilities to things, and I think that’s really cool.