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"100% confirmed that I want to be an entrepreneur."

Scott Gruninger '20 | Easton, PA Major | Small Business Consulting

Minor | Entrepreneurship

The LSV program has 100% confirmed that I want to be an entrepreneur and that I should pursue my own venture. I loved talking to all the different guests and getting their individual feedback on what it’s like being entrepreneur and what it’s like starting their companies.

One of the best concepts that I was able to take away from this program is that entrepreneurship is not just to make money. The first speaker that we had said that entrepreneurship allowed him to make money then be creative and then give back, which is what entrepreneurship now means to me. He expanded my knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurship and he along with the rest of the presenters that we had throughout this program have inspired me to push harder as an up-and-coming entrepreneur I want to make a difference not only to those in my immediate surroundings, but those who I may have an impact on as I move through life.

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