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"A marathon, not a sprint"

Eliza Wastcoat '20  | London, U.K. Major | Marketing

Minor | International Relations

Having participated in a number of successful Baker programs previously and hearing of such great reviews about the opportunities LSV had to offer, I knew this would be a great program for me. The Baker Institute has provided me with a year’s worth of entrepreneurial teaching, guidance, and support. The only thing that was missing was seeing the ‘game’ live and in action across a variety of industries. I knew that this trip would not only be a fantastic opportunity to further my academic understanding of entrepreneurship, but would also give me the chance to improve on my personal network in order to pursue my career as I leave Lehigh at the end of the month.

I joined LSV with two learning objectives. The first being to use these learning opportunities to apply to my own startup, A Sneakerhead’s Paradise. In particular, the chance to get to hear from experts within the venture capitalist world has been impactful in furthering my understanding of how to raise capital and what that journey looks like for the entrepreneur and the firm. I particularly learned from Nicola Corzine, Executive Director of the Nasdaq Center, as she highlighted that this process is a marathon, not a sprint and that your investors should play a double act of being a coach as well as a funding mechanism for your company.

The second learning objective has been to expand my personal network and to learn of the personal stories behind a variety of industry leaders to help guide my journey in the professional world as I get ready to leave Lehigh. The tremendous number of different backgrounds and experiences has been humbling and in particular, the lessons around the importance of failure has been refreshing to witness. Every speaker told us their own, unique story, and interacted with the students with great fondness and respect. They were open to being challenged and shared some of their most difficult stories in an impactful, thoughtful manner. So far, this program has most certainly helped to build my network in a meaningful way as well as provided helpful insight into the many different career paths that successful entrepreneurs may take.

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