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"A passion and sense of excitement"

Will Cioffi '21

Major | IDEAS: Mechanical Engineering

Minor | Entrepreneurship

Nest | HomeLab

The Hatchery program has been intense and exciting right out of the gateway. Arriving to the first session, we began our 72 hour bootcamp training, and it truly felt like it. By going through the entire process of innovating and ideating within such a short period of time, it created a passion and sense of excitement. Throughout the training, I felt anxious and ready to start working on whatever projects were available.

While I felt the urge to begin working, there were signs that I wasn’t truly ready yet. For instance, while the boot camp made me passionate about developing solutions, it also made me uneasy. As a hardcore perfectionist, it felt like the rush didn’t yield the best results and that I could have spent more time coming up with a better solution to the problem I was given. Not only this, but also deciding what I wanted to do for the rest of the summer before the last day of bootcamp was over was daunting.

It wasn’t until the weekend after I had picked what project I wanted to work on did I realize the importance of having these feelings. The way the bootcamp was designed simulated the stresses and uncertainties of real ideation and business creating. It was these experiences that I would never have been able to understand and appreciate in a classroom setting. I am excited and hopeful that my Hatchery journey will allow me to grow into the best entrepreneur that I can be.

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