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"A profound experience that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else."

Charles Inwald '19 | Software Engineering

Major | Computer Science and Business

Hometown | Rockville Centre, NY

I wouldn’t say I think of myself as an entrepreneur just yet, but rather I believe I’m beginning to understand and adopt the entrepreneurial spirit. The movers and shakers that my peers and I are fortunate to meet with in the Lehigh Silicon Valley program are bound to humble any college student, and as a result we realize just how much more we have to learn. The LSV program is an incredible exposé of some of Silicon Valley’s prominent entrepreneurs in various stages of their careers, yet regardless of their experience or seniority, they unanimously agree that you can never stop learning if you want to succeed in their field.

The experiences I’ve had in LSV have had a significant impact on how I conceive my future in the trade of software engineering. On the surface this is very subtle in that I haven’t been inspired to drastically alter my career path, but rather I’m starting to understand what sort of challenges I am likely to face as an engineer in the booming but cut throat industry of software.

Today I particularly enjoyed my stay at Adobe as part of the Software Engineering Track. We had the opportunity to see Adobe’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform, called Adobe Sensei, in action. Chatting with distinguished Adobe executives, a resume workshop and touring the Adobe campus made for a profound experience that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

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