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A way of thinking and communicating

Dave Jha '22

Global Entrepreneurial Fellow

Internship | uGlobally

Being an entrepreneur to me is more than taking risks. It is more than learning from one failure. To me, it is a mindset of growth, openmindedness, and maturity of understanding how one can utilize their resources to create something, to update something, or to improve something. It is collaboration with others with the same mentality. It is so much more than what can be encapsulated in a phrase, a word, or a sentence. It’s a way of thinking and communicating.

Through the last few weeks, this idea has solidified more within myself. With constant communication I experience with my team (Peter, Julia, and I) and the uGlobally founders, I’ve realized that entrepreneurship is not just a great idea, not just a pitch, it’s also the environment that is created with creative and innovative people. Our meetings are not the most orthodox -- we usually do not have an agenda, we open with small grievances in our life, and no one meeting has the same length as another -- yet we are able to discuss in granular detail the vision of our project -- to create an immersive platform -- and the concrete steps we need to take to make progress. The idea that progress and success can be achieved without a set rulebook is what I believe makes entrepreneurship so intriguing!

As we work on continuing our development of the online platform, we reinterviewed many of the same people we interacted with in the beginning of the project to get their thoughts and opinions about a simple prototype. We were met with much praise -- but a lot of constructive feedback. Although the praise was well received, the team quickly began addressing and discussing the feedback that was critical of the minimum viable product. It gave us glimpses into things we had turned a blind eye towards and enabled us to work on refining the user interface and experience better. We were able to garner some ideas in making the content more valuable to the user. The cycle of iterating and refining a product can seem endless -- but to us, it is a challenge to ourselves in achieving a high level of quality, even for the first release.

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