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Alumni Spotlight: Sam Bencheghib '19 runs America.

credit: Joshua Madre

Sam Bencheghib '19 is six weeks into his journey to run across the United States. He's currently in Indiana and is on a mission to raise awareness about the growing problem of plastic pollution in our oceans, through Make A Change World, which he co-founded with his brother.

While a student at Lehigh, Sam participated in Baker's EUREKA! pitch competitions and was a finalist for the Joan F. and John M. Thalheimer '55 Grand Prize at our 2018 Innovate, Celebrate awards dinner! He was also mentored by our Innovator in Residence, Chris Kauzmann during Independent Studies.

Early on in his journey, Sam ran through Lehigh and took some time to speak with our Hatchery students about his experience, his passion, and what the road (literally) has in store for him.

Keep up with Sam on instagram at @sambencheghib be sure to visit to read his weekly updates!

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