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"An opportunity of a lifetime"

Amazing and inspiring experience at Zipline

Suketu Bhatt '20G | Garnet Valley, PA Major | Master of Business Administration

As a hardened technology manager with over 10 years of experience in such varied functions as system architecture and engineering, I have gained subject matter expertise in engineering/technical realm, but intrinsically I’ve always been wired to be an entrepreneur.

My hunger for success and desire to gain business acumen attracted me to do an MBA – to provide holistic grooming required to be an entrepreneur. From the outset of my MBA journey, I got exposed to the world of start-ups/entrepreneurship and by the end of the first semester, my entrepreneurial brain got invigorated and it urged me to go back and re-think about the Product (start-up) idea that I had put on the back-burner for couple of years.

Ever since that seed got planted in my head last December, I decided to take Venture Series courses in 2019 - it reaffirmed my decision go back to my product idea and bringing it to fruition. With Corporate Entrepreneurship concentration, I am building the arsenal to have my own start-up in the near future and I found LSV2020 to be yet another great forum to learn the traits of being a successful entrepreneur. I am glad that I got chosen to partake in the LSV2020 program, it’s been an enriching and worthwhile experience. The exposure and access to established angel investors, VCs, successful start-up entrepreneurs/companies and industry savants facilitated through this program is a truly an immersive experience and an opportunity of a lifetime.

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