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Baker In The News: Sam Bencheghib '19 is Running to Save the World

Updated: May 30, 2019

Sam Bencheghib '19, third from left

Sam Bencheghib '19 is ready to raise awareness, one mile at a time. He's spending his summer running from New York to Los Angeles to raise awareness about plastics polluting our waterways. The Ocean 2 Ocean project comes from Make a Change World, a sustainability solution oriented media platform co-founded by Sam and his brother, Gary Bencheghib. Last year, Sam was the Baker Institute's nominee and winner of the Davis Projects for Peace, where he won $10,000 to combat plastics polluting.

Check out the great coverage he's received so far, and follow @sambencheghib and @makeachangeworld to keep track of his journey beginning in June!

"Sam Bencheghib to run across America for the oceans" Madison Schmitt | Brown and White

"Lehigh U. tennis player and entrepreneur to run across America to combat plastics pollution" Heather Mayer Irvine | Lehigh Valley Live

"Plastic Pollution" | PBS39

"Lehigh University student wants to run across United States" Will Lewis | WFMZ

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