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"Challenging to change my mindset"

Students covered the wall of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center with drawings of our visions

Roland Nowak '20 | Emmaus, PA

Major | Electrical Engineering

The LehighSiliconValley program has opened my eyes to the world of startups, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. The sessions have been interesting and engaging, and the guest speakers have been incredibly open and passionate when speaking with us about their work and their lives. Especially after speaking with some of the speakers one-on-one and hearing their advice, it was valuable to take a more introspective look in our latest session.

Today was different from the other sessions in LSV. The focus was on the students, and we spent time learning how to articulate our passions and give a reason for why we want to achieve our goals. The question, “Why?” was a constant throughout the day. Continuing to ask “why?” after different responses enabled me to dig deeper into my thoughts and the reasoning behind the goals I thought I wanted to achieve.

Today was also the most challenging day for me, because it forced me to think about myself in a reflective way that I normally wouldn’t. It was challenging to change my mindset and answer questions about why I think certain things, but it was also a rewarding experience. The session taught me the importance of reflection, and how the simple concept of writing down our thoughts can help us grow and develop our self-understanding. What I learned today will help me see my role in the world in a more meaningful way.

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