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EUREKA! Pitch Night February 2020

This month's Pitch Night had eight great teams - seven that were new and one advancing to Stage 3!

Our judges were Pitch Night veterans Mike Levin '87 (far left) , founder and CEO of Vericred and Jamie Flinchbaugh '94 (far right), founder of JFlinch and Old Dutch Group, LLC.

View photos from EUREKA! here.

A total of eight teams pitched and six were awarded coaching hours and money.

Congratulations to the following teams:

Stage 1 Awarded Coaching & Money:

Oleo: Natural organic personal care and home care products.

Xavier Rodriguez Silfa '20

Stage 2 Awarded Coaching & Money:

Lehigh University Ground Transportation Solutions: Platform based service to provide Lehigh students transportation to/from major regional airports.

Karim Rajmohamed '20, Maxime Martin '20

AthLink: AthLink is a platform to connect student-athletes to alumni mentors.

Lidia Breen '19 '20G

DragPack: An adaptive pack which incorporates an attached sled for transport ease will eliminate the need for multiple trips out of the woods, mountains, or grasslands by allowing the hunter to carry all of their gear and harvest.

Cole Walter '19 '20G

Stage 3 Awarded Coaching & Money:

BestRun: BestRun is a B2B crowd management solution for ski resorts that utilizes integrated AI surveillance systems.

Nicholas Yarnall '20

WoodGoods Lacrosse: We sell personalized wooden lacrosse shafts to both consumers and retailers.

Justin Gelwicks '23

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