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"Execution counts above most other things."

Austin Huffman '21 | Start Up

Major | IBE: Supply chain + Industrial & Systems Engineering

Minor |Entrepreneurship

Hometown | Wellesley, MA

I have learned a host of vital information along this trip so far and my goal is to apply it to my own venture in order to produce stronger results and more success. My aspirational goals are to use what I have learned in LSV to help promote stronger and more informed decisions in my own firm in the future.

My father and I have discussed opening a chain of car dealerships because we are both interested in this field and it would be amazing to do this together with my father. My next steps are to continue executing in my own small company and continue to learn and make mistakes. The more mistakes I can make early, the better prepared I will be for the future. The most impactful quote was from Tim Eades when he said execution counts above most other things. You can think all the time of what you are going to do but when its crunch time and you don’t execute, you have lost. I will apply it to my life because I am a strong believer in action over a perfect plan. You will never have all the answers in your plan A but you must execute. I do think of myself as an entrepreneur because I am currently running my own small exhaust company producing exhaust systems for BMWs. Over this trip I have learned that I am going to make many more mistakes but I must respond positively if I am going to succeed. The mistakes we make educate us and we ourselves can be our greatest teachers. Just don’t make the same mistake twice.

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