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"Find your team."

Sabina Cheng '19 | Start Up Major | Supply Chain Management and Marketing Minor | Psychology

Hometown | Evans, GA

“Find your tribe.” This quote described one of the running themes that was continually brought up in each of the speakers’ stories that we listened to today at VMware. As each speaker talked about their backgrounds and their stories, it became clear how important and essential it is to create your own network and relationships and find your team or your people. People who you’ve built trusting relationships with that last throughout your career and beyond. Prior to the discussions today, I’d always thought that the most important aspect or part of a startup was the new product or service that the firm offered. I’d never really thought about how fundamental and important the dynamics of a team impacted the success of a startup. Although I’ve always known the importance and value of building a network and creating relationships, I hadn’t realized truly realized the true impact of it. These discussions serve as a reminder and motivator to continually create new relationships and to never burn any bridges.

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