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"I am amazed at the level of inspiration myself and many of my peers have already discovered"

Madison Ulrey '20 | Start Up Major | Psychology Minor | Economics Hometown | Las Vegas, NV

As a Psychology Major applying to LehighSiliconValley, I felt that I had a different perspective to offer to the various aspects of the program. Alongside my long-time desire to perhaps one day create and run my own business, I was elated at the prospect of being able to apply my knowledge of the field to better understand consumer behaviors and other intriguing patterns one might find beneficial when starting their own business. Yet, I still had a healthy fear that a Psychology Major had no place working alongside my business and computer-wise fellow Mountain Hawks.

Contrary to my expectations of a long list of tech geniuses and business majors, I have found that many accomplished entrepreneurs we have had the opportunity to speak with have differed vastly in their backgrounds, personalities, and practices. The most strikingly obvious commonality amongst them: their deep passion to learn and unending drive to grow. High school drop outs, IR majors, and immigrants were just a few of the backgrounds that comprised the list of entrepreneurs we were fortunate enough to speak to this week. However, people, as we have been told first-handedly, are the foundation of any prosperous start up – and as a Psychology Major, I know people.

Though my time spent with LSV has only stretched over a span of two days, I am quite frankly amazed at the level of inspiration myself and many of my peers have already discovered. I am excited to see what more is to unfold in our remaining days here in Silicon Valley.

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