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"I can certainly say - so far so good."

Dante Biase '21 | Jenkintown, PA

Major | Computer Science & Computer Engineering

Today was a very long day packed with content, challenges, exploration, and fun: we started the day at Adobe, learning from their leaders and their experiences; later, we then worked with vArmour, problem solving with their CEO and Q&A with his fellows; finally, we wrapped up the day by exploring downtown San Francisco, chowing down on the notorious “double-double” at In-N-Out and chatting with the seals at Pier 39.

Being someone whose passion, career, and livelihood has been centered around computers the majority of his life, I knew long before I left high school that my future resided in the Silicon Valley. So, like many of my peers, the reason I applied to LSV was to finally see it for myself, separate fact from fiction, confront whether I’ll really fit in here and really want to live here as much as I think I do. And likewise, for many of my peers, this trip won’t answer those questions because it cannot, and it was never meant to. The goal of this trip is to give you an introduction and exposure to the city’s culture and the people who drive it.

So, with these goals in mind, I can certainly say - so far so good.

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