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"I continue to be grateful for the amazing resources the Lehigh community has to offer."

Chrissy Gobes '19 | FinTech

Major | Finance

Minor | Entrepreneurship

Hometown | Scarsdale, NY

Being in a room full of brilliant and successful people was definitely the most overwhelming experiences during the LSV program so far. The Lehigh University Alumni Event at the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center was an opportunity of a lifetime. I could see the relationships flourish between alumni and students. It was visible evidence of the strong network Lehigh has to offer, especially in the Bay Area. I struck a conversation with Carol Baker, a trustee of the Baker Foundation. I had to ask how she was connected to the Baker Institute, in which she explained her father had started the Baker Foundation. This discovery resonated with me because not only is the Baker Institute an amazing asset to Lehigh University, but it has inspired generations of the Baker family to support the Lehigh community.

I had thanked not only her father, but also Carol for continuing to support the Baker Institute and all the amazing opportunities it has to offer, such as the LSV Program. I could not help but think about how I would not be in San Francisco or learning at the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center without the generous influence of Carol’s family. Just over my four years at Lehigh, I have seen the Baker Institute create amazing innovation and provide new opportunities with each new year.

The panel presentation mentioned how the LSV program has occurred over the last eight years, and has improved with the growth of the specified tracks over the last two years. I could tell by my conversations with Carol Baker and Bill Kirsch ’76 that they are both very passionate about supporting the LSV Program, which was an inspiration to me as a soon-to-be Lehigh alum. Bill Kirsch, Managing Director at Costella Kirsch, had facilitated the conversations and live case study earlier today for the LSV Program. I can envision myself in both of their shoes and being just as passionate about supporting LSV and its students. I hope that, in the future, I can create a significant impact to the Lehigh community by either participating as a day lead for the LSV program, or giving to the Lehigh community in order to support students to have an immersive-like experience in entrepreneurship. This moment will impact the rest of my time during LSV as I continue to be grateful for the amazing resources the Lehigh community has to offer. I hope to learn as much as possible from the program events to succeed in an entrepreneurial career for both myself and the beneficiaries of the LSV programs to come.

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