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“I do not like to use the word failure, I prefer the phrase made a mistake.”

Kelsey Swikart '21 | Start Up

Major | Management and Marketing

Minor | Entrepreneurship

Hometown | Rumson, NJ

The Lehigh Silicon Valley program has exceeded all of my expectations. Tonight validated, that the Lehigh community, no matter which part of the world, is together and always willing to lend a helping hand.

I was fortunate enough to sit on a panel with my fellow students; Ellen Schaaf, Alec Stewart, and Dom Allen and talk about how our entrepreneurial spirit has grown over just three days and taught us life lessons we will carry forever. In addition, I was able to sit with Mr. James Maida, an extremely successful entrepreneur himself and Lehigh alum. The network I was able to experience tonight was extremely rewarding and will be a memorable moment I will never forget. Our jam packed day was filled with learning valuable information from Venture Capitalists, founders, CEOs and investors. These strong entrepreneurs have taught me to accept competition and never give up on your dreams, despite those rough patches and moments of doubt that make you want to quit and accept yourself as a “failure.” We were told to never fear competition and accept “failure” as a learning experience and a growth mechanism. I understand that the Lehigh network is something I can always count on and learn from, and I am eternally grateful.

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