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"I feel like a completely changed man."

Rohail Khan '20

Major | Political Science and Economics

Minor | Latin American Studies and Spanish

Internship | London, England | Arthur Online

It really is amazing how humans can change in such a short time. That is, if you were to ask me just a week ago whether I considered myself and entrepreneur, I most certainly would’ve responded in the negative. After all, how could I, someone with no real entrepreneurial experience, ever hope to walk such a path? And yet just a week or so later, I feel like a completely changed man.

Before, I was a man without a plan trying to find how and where to apply his skill-set, or perhaps even grow it. After just a week of work, I can now say that I truly appreciate the entrepreneurial sector for what it truly is: a way to grow both individually and as a business. That is, working in the startup environment has already created a unique interaction/experience for me. I was expecting a more corporate environment like America where I may be restricted to a specific role with occasional input from my superiors. Instead, I’ve found a collaborative environment where I can be working with anyone to solve anything. Be it suggestions for updating data systems to website design, working at Arthur Online has provided the outlet for both me and my peers to express our creative thinking inspired like the Lehigh Way. Here, complex problems require complex solutions and as long as you are eager to tackle the problem, then you will find all the support and resources to do exactly that. I am not saying that America does not have firms which employ similar environments, but rather that the change is a breath of fresh air given my past experiences. I feel as if I can fully utilize my well-balanced skillset ranging from data analytics to philosophical thinking.

Regardless, the entire process itself is what I cherish most because everyday provides me with new opportunities to help develop myself as a person and entrepreneur while helping the company too explore all the possible options available to it. Building off this, it reminds me of perhaps one of the most important pieces of advice I heard while meeting with entrepreneur Tim Eades of vArmour in San Jose California. That is, “to be an entrepreneur means to be an explorer. So go out and explore!” These words really stuck with me and above all inspires me to pursue every thought or idea while working. And thus, while this may only be beginning, I think it is the start of a wonderful adventure.

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