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"I have found myself pulled closer to this career path."

Aidan Spencer '19 | Start Up

Major | Computer Science & Business

Hometown | Westchester, NY

As a senior at Lehigh, I went into LehighSiliconValley hoping to find a direction to take in my rapidly approaching post-graduate life. My biggest obstacle was the uncertainty of finding a career I would really enjoy. While majoring in computer science and business, it was always difficult for me to determine whether I was more interested in the business aspect of the major or the computer science one. My biggest goal was to find a career that balanced these two interests and could allow me to avoid becoming stuck in one field that I disliked.

One of the biggest impacts that the LehighSiliconValley program had on me was giving me an inside look into the world of startup companies. I was shown firsthand the benefits of these small companies and how they gave their employees the flexibility to move through different career positions and utilize their various skills. After each interaction with the startup giants that we have had the privilege of meeting with I have found myself pulled closer to this career path.

As a result, I plan on looking deeper into possible job opportunities in the startup world. While I am still figuring out my next steps after graduation, LehighSiliconValley has introduced me to at least one area where I may be able to find the balanced and flexible career that I have been looking for.

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