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"I quickly realized how much I truly resonated with this issue."

Brian Snyder '22

Major | Computer Science & Business

Minor | Entrepreneurship and Data Science

Nest | EdTech

Attempting to craft solutions for numerous global issues, the Hatchery is structured into four different nests: Consumer Experience, EdTech, Healthcare, and HomeLab. Dealing with problems involving education, healthcare, and housing, each nest hosts a variety of interesting and intriguing problems for participants to try and tackle. However, it would be unrealistic to work on all of these issues. Instead, during the Hatchery Bootcamp – the first three days of the program – we were all tasked with choosing and sticking with a problem for three days. Personally I joined the Healthcare nest and pursued the dilemma of medication reconciliation. Then upon the conclusion of the Bootcamp, we all pitched each other our own problem, in a sense presenting why this problem is worth devotion during the summer.

Listening to a wide array of problems and the unique solutions each group proposed, I became conflicted. Numerous presentations caught my eye, but I had no idea what to choose. For some this decision came easy, as they had come in with their own. For myself, I was completely lost. I wasn’t ready to make a ten week long commitment to a project based off of a ten minute presentation.

However, eventually I was able to come to a decision. In the middle of the room unsure what nest to join, the Hatchery staff empathized with me, understanding how uncomfortable of a decision this was. As time passed, they helped me narrow down my options until I eventually found myself in the EdTech nest. Specifically dealing with alumni and the struggles they find after college (from not being prepared to being unhappy) I quickly realized how much I truly resonated with this issue.

Coming into Lehigh about a year ago, I was completely lost and confused. Not sure if I would make friends, not sure if I would do well, not sure if Lehigh was for me. But amongst all of this uncertainty, my CSB mentor was always there to talk and answer my questions. Looking back, I realize how monumental this mentorship was for me. As a result, I want to provide that same mentorship and guidance for alumni as they enter the workplace.

No matter where this project leads, I’m excited to see what interesting solution my group comes up with and grateful for the insights and experience I’ve gained so far.

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