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LehighSiliconValley FAQ

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

We've got the one-stop-shop for (most) of your LSV2020 questions.

Still have more? Be sure to check out our 6 info sessions:

September 17: 12-1 & 4-5 pm

September 18: 12-1 & 4-5 pm

October 7: 12-1 & 4-5 pm

All in Wilbur Powerhouse 242.

Register for one today!

What is LSV?

This page sums it up nicely!

When is LSV?

For the main LSV program, students arrive in San Francisco on January 7 and programming ends on January 14. There are two mandatory dates in the Fall semester for those admitted to LSV: a community dinner on November 12 and a preparation day on December 7.

LSV++ is January 15 through the 17th.

Who is eligible for LSV?

All full-time Lehigh University sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students in degree-seeking programs and Lehigh University alumni may apply to LSV. In addition, applicants must be in good academic standing, may not be on disciplinary probation at the time of application, and their Bursar account must be paid in full.

What is the application process for LSV?

There is an online application. There are basic information questions (name, email, etc.) and the most important question is the essay: What value do you hope to gain from the program? What value will you bring to the program? Be sure to put some time and thought into your answer to this question, as there are no interviews. Applications are due October 21st by Noon and there is a $250 deposit that will be applied to the overall cost (if accepted) or returned (if not accepted). Application decisions will be released on October 28 and 56 students will be accepted.

What is the cost for LSV?

The cost is $4,650 (charged to your Bursar account) and that covers the tuition for 3 credits, hotel, ground transportation during program events, and most meals. Students will make and pay for their own travel arrangements to and from LSV. During LSV, there will be some free-time to explore. During that time, any costs incurred will be the students' responsibility.

Am I eligible to receive financial aid to attend LSV?

Yes! When applying, please indicate if you would like to be considered for financial aid. Those who are considered for financial aid must apply by the early application deadline of October 11, 2019 at Noon. Any financial aid received will be applied to your Bursar account. If you are accepted, but are offered a financial aid package that you decide is too small, you can decline your invitation and will be reimbursed the $250 application deposit. 

How am I graded for LSV?

You will be graded on a mixture of engaged participation, pre-program assignments, individual and team activities, individual submissions, live case presentations, and peer evaluations. There will be no exams during LSV2020. 

How do I find out more about LSV?

There are lots of ways!

- Attend an info session (we've got 6 scheduled - see the dates/times above).

- Read former students' reflections (seriously, these give great insight into the program!).

- Check out further program details on our website.

- Talk to a Baker staff member! E-mail us or stop by Whitaker 318 during the week from 9-5.

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