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"LehighSiliconValley is one of the most unique opportunities offered to students."

Sammy Segal '20 | FinTech Major | Computer Science and Business Hometown | Port Washington, NY

I’ve always been told about Silicon Valley’s almost mechanical output of successful startups and revolutionary technology; even before I realized this was the realm I wanted to study and pursue a career in. I heard about the LehighSiliconValley trip through friends who had absolutely loved it - but I didn’t need their high praise to convince me to apply. To have the privilege of seeing the ins and outs of the technological hub of America would be an unparalleled experience.

As a student of the Computer Science & Business program, I have chosen to study business and computer science as well as the overlap that exists between the two. This overlap serves as a bridge between the two fields and enables breakthroughs in technology that can catapult businesses into success. Moreover, this overlap mirrors the fast-growing field of FinTech, which embodies the evolving intersection of financial services and technology – and where better to explore all this then Silicon Valley?

Upon being accepted into the program, attending the December 1st session, and completing the trip prework, I developed assumptions about what to expect from the program. Apart from the live cases, I expected to visit companies, receive brief introductions, and then network; all with the hopes of creating some valuable connections and learning more about what makes Silicon Valley a center for technological innovation. What I did not expect was to engage with such unbelievably accomplished speakers in such an open and candid manner.

After the first day of the trip, LehighSiliconValley had already delivered on what I’d hoped to takeaway and more. Day after day each speaker gave in depth analyses of what brought them success and what mistakes helped them grow. They answered questions honestly, gave as much advice as possible, and truly helped me to learn more than I could’ve asked from any classroom setting.

I think LehighSiliconValley is one of the most unique opportunities offered to students. LehighSiliconValley provides a rare opportunity to hear from executives, gain first-hand experience, and speak with peers who share similar goals. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at LSV this far and am eager to take advantage of the coming final days.

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