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"Low and behold, it worked."

Hiking to the top of the Canopy Trail at Muir Woods

Alexander Rodgers '19 '20G | Montville, NJ

Major | Accounting

Minor | Religious Studies

One of the most challenging moments I faced on this trip had to be during the Merchbar live case. After being briefed by Ed Aten on the problems plaguing his company, my group began “spit-balling” around some ideas. Suddenly the conversation came to a screeching halt; we all had ran out of ideas and nothing seemed to be sticking. The room filled with complete silence and time was ticking for our group to come up with a solution to present to Aten and Paul Martino, one of Merchbar’s investors.

Hearing the lack of dialogue, Anthony Durante (LSV facilitator) came up to our group to coach us through this mental roadblock. He told us that we should take five minutes to ourselves to write down as many ideas as we can, then present them to each other. We followed his guidance and low and behold, it worked! After the five minutes were up, each of us had several brand new ideas. Eventually we were able to hone in on two plans that we could implement to help out Merchbar!

Without Anthony’s guidance I do not think our group would have been able to develop a plan of action for Merchbar that we would have been happy with. I learned that by sometimes just taking a step back from the situation, a solution can become much clearer. Having time to yourself to think calmly through a problem can be the best means to take on a challenge.

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