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LSV++: Externship at Varmour

Nazr El-Scari '21 | vArmour

Major | Management

Minor | Entrepreneurship

During my LSV++ experience I was able to work for the company vArmour, a computer and network security company. While I had high expectations for this opportunity, my LSV++ experience completely blew my expectations out of the water. When I first got my assignment I was thrilled to be working for a company in which the subject matter I knew nothing about. In fact, I was honestly shocked because I didn't think that I had enough knowledge to actually provide value to this company.

However, starting on the first day each and every staff member made sure I had a full understanding of the not only the product, but of each moving piece that helped support the company. What I found most surprising was the fact that what I originally thought was this daunting and complex product that only certain companies needed was actually a tool that could really benefit many companies in a variety of industries. Further, the team did such an amazing job breaking down the product and drawing parallels that I had a great general understanding of the product by the end of the first day. Further, as an aspiring entrepreneur it was amazing to see and be on the inside of such a tightly knit organization who all supported each other like family. The shoulder to shoulder attitude that was ingrained into each employee by the CEO really made the atmosphere contagiously energetic and collaborative. I was honored to have been chosen to participate in this opportunity and I hope to continue to build on the things I learned from the organization.

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