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LSV2022 Reflections: "Something that cannot be replicated in a classroom..."

Read more from LSV student Jan Maciejewski '22 as he reflects on his experience after the first three days of virtual sessions during the Baker Institute's signature winter term immersion program this year...

Jan Maciejewski '22

"A quote from one of our guests that really struck a chord with me is: 'The journey is the reward. Bring along as many people as you can with you because it isn"t as enjoyable alone.' Oftentimes we tend to isolate ourselves in the pursuit of excellence for one reason or another, but building with others brings so much more fulfillment than we could ever find on our own. Being able to bounce ideas off one another and really cultivate next-level thinking with others is an element that is prominent within the VC and startup community. It's something that really draws me in and resonates with me. Moving forward I will make a greater effort to bring others along with me, get things done, and above all else - enjoy the process.

All of these individuals we have had the opportunity to meet and work with so far have provided incredible insight that I will implement into my everyday life. It's refreshing to be immersed in an experience that allows for creative expression and really pushes you to bring your best every time you show up. Being able to learn directly from founders, high-level executives, and individuals who have been crushing it in this sector for years is something that cannot be replicated in a classroom or from a book. These are solutions and advice we are being offered that you can't find with a quick Google search. For that very reason, I am thankful to have the opportunity to take on this experience and really dive in to get as much as I can out of it.

It's hard to just pick out one quote that's moved me these last few days because all of our speakers have truly been something special and more than I could have anticipated. I am excited for these next few days of LSV and finally taking on Silicon Valley in San Francisco with this brilliant cohort. I appreciate the opportunity to take on something like this that many of our speakers wish they had when they were in their undergrad. Getting a head start on experiencing the realm of venture capitalism and startup culture is truly remarkable."

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