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Meet the #LSV2019 Cohort

LehighSiliconValley includes 55 students across 4 topical tracks - Arts Entrepreneurship, FinTech, Software Engineering, and Start Up. Let's learn more about them!

Ada Tao '19 | FinTech

Major | Accounting & Business Information System

Minor | Japanese

Hip-Pop dancing and pottery are what I have been passionate about. Striving for the same goal with my peers, dedicating countless hours, the process of Hip-Pop dancing is more meaningful than the spotlight. Pottery teaches me to find my inner peace and create an environment free from troubles. My experiences of being raised in China and coming to the United States at an early age have molded me into an open-minded person. Silicon Valley has always been my dream place with the culture of acceptance and the countless opportunities. I am looking forward to learning things about the booming technologies.

Ashley Haber '21 | Arts Entrepreneurship

Major | Marketing

Minor | Theatre and Entrepreneurship

I have always wanted to change the world, and now I know how. I can change the world through its children. Working with children has taught me more than I could learn in a classroom. They taught me not to sweat the small stuff and to believe in the impossible. Theatre is what gave me my voice and now working with children in theatre, I see shy little thoughts develop into strong, meaningful exclamations of confidence. I’m going to open up my own children’s theater one day and that’s how I’ll change the world, like I always knew I would.

Jacob Lansberry '20 | Start Up Major | Business Information Systems

I believe in doing something and making a mistake than not doing something and regret not doing it. I thrive on taking advantage of opportunities, such as LSV, that I am given. Traveling to places like Singapore and Indonesia have helped me be more open-minded, humble and appreciative of different cultures. I surround myself with people who motivate and challenge me to go outside my comfort zone. Being passionate about sports has created a competitive individual who always strives to be the best. I find success when working in teams where I can maximize my communication and leadership skills.

Austin Huffman '21 | Start Up

Major | IBE: Supply chain + Industrial & Systems Engineering

Minor |Entrepreneurship

From the snowy city of Boston, I have been engaged in building ventures since I was 13. From humble beginnings detailing minivans, to working on some of the greatest Ferrari’s Porsches and other exotics in the world, my specialty has been in the automotive sector. Cars are in my blood and it is what drives my passion to create. I am currently running my exhaust company, Valvetronic Designs, producing systems the driver controls. What I love most about creating is knowing that whatever challenge I face; I can overcome it with the mindset that nothing can defeat me permanently.

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