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Meet the #LSV2019 Cohort

LehighSiliconValley includes 55 students across 4 topical tracks. Let's learn more about them!

Sydney Becker '20 | Software Engineering

Major | Computer Science and Business

Growing up, the biggest lesson that I learned is that life is too short to waste on things that don’t matter. While it sounds cliche, this is something I carry with me in both my personal and professional life. Now, I try to only focus on things that I enjoy and enrich myself by learning new things. Through this mantra, I spend my time dedicating myself to my studies, spending time with my family, and practicing hobbies such as traveling, knitting, and reading. I look forward to developing myself further in Silicon Valley.

Aidan Spencer '19 | Start Up

Major | Computer Science & Business

The one thing that has really shaped who I am today is skateboarding. For the past 10 years, skateboarding has introduced me to new people and passions that I never could have found otherwise. Skating has led me to places that I would normally have no business being in, teaching me how to adapt and connect with people of all different backgrounds and upbringings. I first discovered my love for building through constructing my own skate ramps. I hope to take this love even further in Silicon Valley and I am very excited to learn more about building something from nothing, specifically in regards to startup businesses.

Grant Kim '20 | FinTech

Major | Accounting

Minor | Entrepreneurship and Engineering

Growing up, I despised my parents for forcing me into school musicals, music lessons, and theater camp. Ironically, years later, singing and dancing have become my biggest passions. Music allows me to express myself in a way that no other medium can and brings all kinds of people together. Being raised in NYC has also cultivated my passion for meeting and learning from different peoples and cultures. There is unity in diversity, and I am looking forward to having new experiences at LSV.

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