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Meet the #LSV2019 Cohort

LehighSiliconValley includes 55 students across 4 topical tracks. Let's learn more about them!

Praveen Joseph '20 | Arts Entrepreneurship

Major | IDEAS: Civil Engineering + Sustainable Development

Minor | Entrepreneurship

When I enter the cypher and all eyes are on me, anything is possible. My area of interest is the intersection of economic development, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability through resilient innovative infrastructure. Growing up in one of the most diverse communities in America allowed me to surround myself with peers that challenged and pushed me to be the best version of myself. I have been blessed with the opportunity to lead international development projects in Kenya, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. I hope LSV provides me the opportunity to further develop my creative mindset to instill change in society.

Abby Gabriel '20 | Start Up

Major | Accounting

Minor | Real Estate

Having had a very numbers oriented life studying accounting and real estate, I am looking to delve deeper into my creative side. I am part of club where I work with Israeli startups to explore new and innovative ideas for these companies and am looking to continue this exploration through LSV. I’m hoping to match these skills with the leadership skills I have developed through being a business school mentor, tutor, and head of a consulting team to make my experience in San Francisco the best that it can be.

Eileen Espana '19 | Start Up

Major | Accounting and Finance

Minor | Health, Medicine & Society

Spanish was my first language but with the start of my first year of school at the age of 5, I was immersed into a whole new culture. The constant shift between school and home life made me a more aware and open-minded individual. Now I enjoy exploring new places and learning from the people in them. I like to see from their perspective, listen to their ideas and understand them. I am excited I have the opportunity to do the same thing in Silicon Valley.

David Aitchison '20 | FinTech

Major | Industrial Engineering

In the past two years I’ve been fortunate to have taken engineering classes in Germany and entrepreneurship and Spanish classes in Santiago, Chile. T

hose two experiences changed my life forever. Living in two different countries that speak different languages forced me to explore, learn how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, and communicate in new and unexpected ways. One of my favorite lessons was learning that soccer is a wonderful universal language. This semester, I love the challenge of my co-op. These experiences keep pushing my horizons and inform my future interactions.

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