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Meet the #LSV2019 Cohort

LehighSiliconValley includes 55 students across 4 topical tracks. Let's learn more about them!

Jasper Chumba '19 | Software Engineering

Major | Electrical Engineering

Minor | Entrepreneurship

Born and raised in rural Kenya, I grew up with minimal exposure to the outside world.From a young age, I knew that I had to think smart and act creatively in order to improve my life and those of people around me. With strained resources, I started small entrepreneurial pursuits at a very young age. During school breaks I could buy and sell small commodities for a profit. Though I never significant money out of it, it was enough to keep for pocket money when schools started. I continue to feed my entrepreneurial mindset and I hope to achieve greater thinks in the near future. I was lucky to join Lehigh university after graduating from high school and I plan on using the skills I acquire to impact the lives of people back home. I look forward to this learning adventure with LSV program. I can't be more excited!

Ellen Schaaf '19 | Arts Entrepreneurship

Major | Theatre and Economics

Minor | Psychology and Business

My insatiable, interdisciplinary curiosity and dedication to excellence drives me to explore and utilize the connections that make our ever-expanding world surprisingly small. I thrive on bringing people together to create successful communities, solving problems by creative application of logical, detailed analysis, and throwing pop culture references into jokes and conversations. This East Coast ambition is guided by the Midwestern compassion and perseverance on which I was born and raised. While I am working toward big aspirations for my future as a performer, director, and businesswoman, I ground myself by staying present and taking time to be grateful for today.

Michael Squires '13 '19G | Start Up

Major | B.S. Environmental Engineering and MBA Project Management

What best encapsulates who I really am beneath the veneer of joking around, laughing, and keeping things light (particularly in social settings), is that at the end of the day I take both my career and education very seriously. I constantly am striving to learn and be better today than I was yesterday, and I continuously search for new ways to avoid complacency even if it adds more stress to my life. I’ve come to truly appreciate people and atmospheres that expose me to new ideas and experiences, and that’s what excites me most about the LSV opportunity.

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