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Meet the #LSV2019 Cohort

LehighSiliconValley includes 55 students across 4 topical tracks. Let's learn more about them!

Delaney McCaffrey '19 | Arts Entrepreneurship

Major | IDEAS: Journalism and Computer Science Engineering Minor | Documentary Storymaking

I have always found joy and excitement in observing subtle details, digging for deeper insight, and writing down my stories and ideas. I believe storytelling is a powerful means for solving conflicts and understanding other people. In everything I do, I try my best to find ways to use storytelling in order to bring a voice to the voiceless and help invoke positive change. Whether it's through writing, film, photography or audio, I hope to continue telling stories for the rest of my life.

Alex Woods '21 | Start Up

Major | Economics

Minor | Real Estate and Entrepreneurship

Born and raised in Puerto Rico. Moved to the Philadelphia suburbs and attended a Jewish Day School. I've been fortunate - my particular blend of languages and cultures has allowed me to recognize the value of seeing people’s problems and understanding their needs from their perspective rather than my own. This can lead to new and interesting ideas and, ultimately, to practical business solutions. I hope that through the Lehigh Silicon Valley experience I will get a sense of how to execute on a good idea, to take it all the way and develop it into a successful business.

Madelyn Monahan '21 | FinTech

Major | Computer Science and Business Minor | Entrepreneurship

Passion - this is the word that flawlessly describes me. Throughout my short 19 years there is nothing I have done - in the workplace, on the Division 1 field hockey field, in the classroom, in relationships - without immense passion. I found a passion in technology early in my childhood: friends, family, and relatives commonly referred to me as ‘tech girl.’ Exploring technology has allowed me to stimulate my creative genius. From Lincoln Logs and LEGOs to robots and writing programs for sophisticated government helicopters, creative development has as a result become my biggest intellectual strength throughout my academic career. I am excited to land in San Francisco and further explore technology in a professional setting, taking in all I can and potentially finding yet another passion.

Charles Inwald '19 | Software Engineering Major | Computer Science and Business

Rather than talk about my spirit animal or my parents, I think one can learn more about me from what I proclaim myself to be, and that is the role of a magician. Magic, in that I take can take seemingly limited opportunities and make something that most overlook. I do so not to impress anybody with a resume or to feel good about myself but prove to myself that I can.

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