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Meet the #LSV2020 Cohort

LehighSiliconValley launches January 7, 2020. Check out our 56 students representing 30 majors, 21 minors, 15 states and 8 countries. Let's learn more about them!

Cherease Douglas '22 | Far Rockaway, NYC

Major | Finance and Management

Minor | Sociology

Growing up with eight siblings and in New York City, I have become highly inspired by creativity. It has shaped me into being an individual in order to establish myself and stand out from the crowd that I was always apart of. These crowds include family, friends, classmates, etc. My goal is to continue establishing myself through my creative etiquette/ideas that is enhanced once I interact with various groups. My goal is to travel as much as I can and eventually create a global business that promotes the ideas of establishing one's creative capacity while embracing diversity in culture.

Alexander Carr '22 | West Chester, PA

Major | Computer Engineering and Finance

Minor | Economics

What do Peter the Great, Abraham Lincoln and I have in common? We are all tall. People naturally look up to me and remember me because I am tall. I stand out in a crowd. I have learned that my height can be used to my advantage. My experiences with society have impacted me in such a way that I have an awareness that enhances my leadership and impacts my relationships. Leadership skills are an essential trait of an entrepreneur, and I am driven to enhance my knowledge through my experiences with Lehigh Silicon Valley.

Melissa Goekbora '21 | Kinnelon, NJ

Major | Computer Science and Business

Born to Turkish parents and raised in northern New Jersey, I had an affinity towards math and science because of my parents' influence of both being engineers, but I also liked exploring different cultures. I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world and gather a global perspective. Interested in the intersection of finance and technology, I have goals of creating my own startup in the future using this global perspective to change the world for the better.

Sam Eljai '20 | New York, New York

Major | Finance

Minor | Entrepreneurship

Is it is my honest opinion that experience is the best teacher. Whether that is studying abroad to learn a new language or doing that summer internship to get a better understanding of one’s desired career. For me, that was traveling to Morocco and improving my fluency in Arabic as well immersing myself in my heritage/culture. Experiences allow you to step outside of your comfort zone and learn more about yourself- strengths, weaknesses, fears, dreams, etc. (Something a classroom or textbook can’t do). That is why I am so excited to take part of the LSV experiential learning opportunity!

Taylor Pistone '21 | Toms River, NJ

Major | IDEAS: Electrical Engineering and Cognitive Science

I always thought entrepreneurship was only applicable in the business world. This past summer my mindset completely changed when I interned in Amsterdam and learned more about startups and innovation centers. I am now interested in learning how I can develop my interests in engineering with the brain then create a business from my research passion. This experience will allow me to learn from the trials and tribulations of innovators in an inspiring tech hub. I look forward to applying what I learn from the conversations I have and connections I make.

Roland Nowak '20 | Emmaus, PA

Major | Electrical Engineering

From a young age, I would look at the world around me and think about how to make it better. I strive to continuously improve both my surroundings and myself. I love to learn, and I think even small experiences can teach valuable lessons. One of my hobbies is buying and selling watches, and I’ve learned a lot about business and interactions from this simple hobby. I also enjoy learning from the perspectives of people from around the world and got to do this while studying abroad. I look forward to learning more from different perspectives throughout the LSV program.

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