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Meet the #LSV2020 Cohort

LehighSiliconValley launches January 7, 2020. Check out our 56 students representing 30 majors, 21 minors, 15 states and 8 countries. Let's learn more about them!

Hoa Bui '21 | Hanoi, Vietnam

Major | Computer Science and Business

Minor | Entrepreneurship

Raised by two entrepreneurs, I developed my deep interest in exploring opportunities, constantly learning, and taking risks. Building a technical background in Software Engineering, I never ceased wanting to apply these skills in developing solutions to businesses. One day, I want to build my own company that offers services that make people’s lives better. Being at LSV, I hope to learn from experienced entrepreneurs about their own journeys to get inspired.

Nazr El-Scari '21 | Kansas City, MO

Major | Management

Minor | Entrepreneurship

Since the beginning of my childhood, the entrepreneurial spirit has been within me. From my grass and snow removal company with my two siblings to my current venture A Sneakerhead’s Paradise, being an entrepreneur is all I ever wanted to do. In fact it was the deciding factor that lead me to Lehigh and got me involved with the Baker Institute. My dreams of success are not only a creation of my own mind but a collection of aspirations from those who support and cheer for me. I am a leader in my community who aims to uplift each person that I come across in the same way my family and community has continually uplifted me. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in LehighSiliconValley and I am excited to dive deeper into the world of entrepreneurship.

Bridget Kelly '20 | Little Silver, NJ

Major | Finance and Economics

Minor | Sustainable Development

Coming from parents who met through Cross-Country, running has played an essential role in shaping who I am today. Running allows me to critically analyze problems, clearing my subconscious to make connections that get overlooked when I’m focused on completing tasks. Beyond this, pushing myself through grueling workouts helps to kill my self-doubt, especially when juggling senate meetings, tutoring, and sorority obligations. Despite being a driven individual, I’m happiest when engaging with others, whether hiking, cooking a healthy meal together, or taking my dogs to the beach. Maintaining a balance between hard work and enjoyment is my priority, so I’m thrilled to experience the collaborative excitement of Silicon Valley.

Arun Korrapati '20G | Andhra Pradesh, India

Major | Master of Business Administration

After completion of undergrad in India, I managed to secure a job in competitive campus recruitment. After working as IT analyst for over 3 years, I transferred to the United States for a challenging role. With career growth, different opportunities have unfolded my interest toward business management - over the last 3 years actively involved in management decisions in leading technical teams to support client business. In this world of fast moving technology changes, it is critical to keep up with relevant technologies and innovation. I seek the LSV opportunity to dive deep in innovation, and entrepreneurship culture, and help to cultivate similar environment at work.

Rafaela Mantoan Borges '22 | Parana, Brazil

Major | Computer Science and Business

Born and raised in Brazil’s diverse culture, I believe our identities are made of the set of experiences we get involved with like the panoply of small colored dots that composes Paul Signac’s paintings. I would say my Computer Science dot came relatively late when I took my first programming class as a freshman. However, the excitement about the unknown has made me an eager and active learner. If we live in a pointillist reality, at least metaphorically, the vibrant unfamiliar Silicon Valley is one of dots waiting to complete my self-portrait and help me reach my full potential.

Caleb Edelhertz '22 | Medina, WA

Major | IBE: Industrial/Systems Engineering and Finance

Minor | Computer Science

I grew up in the Seattle area and have been surrounded by people in the tech industry for much of my life which has brought me to take interest in learning more about start ups and to get involved. I came across the coast to Lehigh to challenge myself in a new environment and decided to pursue a dual degree in Industrial/Systems engineering and IBE finance because I wanted a very holistic educational experience. Through LehighSiliconValley, I hope to gain real world experience in the tech world and learn how to learn, think, and solve problems as successful entrepreneurs do.

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