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Meet the #LSV2020 Cohort

LehighSiliconValley launches January 7, 2020. Check out our 56 students representing 30 majors, 21 minors, 15 states and 8 countries. Let's learn more about them!

Morgan Farrell '20 | Truckee, CA

Major | Marketing

Minor | Cognitive Science

Born and raised in the Sierras, instilled with a wild mountain spirit that I am excited to take on the world of business with. I love the idea of figuring out why the consumer makes the choices that they do, and determining how we can market a product to tap into that. I am excited for the LehighSiliconValley program to get back the west coast business scene and take advantage of the remainder of my time at Lehigh.

Zaef Sikder '21 | Lansdale, PA

Major | Computer Science and Business

Minor | Entrepreneurship and Environment & Earth Science

Ever since I was little I have been an avid reader. What appealed to me most were the stories woven into these books. I have always tried to draw inspiration and gain a perspective from them. I remember participating in a human library once and realizing every individual has their own unique story to tell. I am always curious to learn about these stories and in doing so write my own. LehighSiliconValley is a great avenue where I will get to learn about many thought-provoking stories and maybe add a page to my story.

Kathy Doan '21 | San Diego, CA

Major | Health, Medicine, and Society & Sociology

Minor | Marketing

As a person who deeply appreciates the value of family and feels most at ease in a room full of my best chums, it’s the sense of unity and interpersonal relationships which characterizes my community that I love most. I grew up in parts of San Diego, California rich in many diverse cultures. These relationships helped me to become more open-minded, curious, and compassionate. Embracing diversity and difference all my life spiked my curiosity in a variety of subjects and entrepreneurship is something that I’ve always wanted to explore, so I am excited to learn more about it at LSV!

Dean Zimberg '20 | New York, NY

Major | IBE: Financial Engineering

My cultural upbringing is less faith-based and more centered on the value of work in one’s life. My mother started her own retail store before I was born, and showed me how to manage entrepreneurial life alongside family life. My father is a physician who has instilled in me the benefits of helping others, while ensuring that one’s responsibilities are met. Their work ethic has developed the building blocks of my identity: independence, creativity, service and an entrepreneurial look on the world. I intend to delve deeper into entrepreneurship and creativity through LehighSiliconValley.

Madeline Rosenthal '20 | Huntingdon Valley, PA

Major | Accounting

Minor | Entrepreneurship

I am a person who always likes arrive at an answer. I like to know how things work and understand the rationale behind decisions. I get these answers through spending time with others. My friends and family are extremely important to me, and I constantly find myself surrounded by them. I am very compassionate and have been involved with pediatric cancer fundraising and being a camp counselor to shape the lives of others, trying to answer questions they may have. I am looking forward to the LSV experience to ask questions and find out what answers others have to offer.

Benjamin Santos '22 | Bronx, NY

Major | Sociology & Anthropology and Political Science

Minor | Entrepreneurship

Growing up in the poorest congressional district in the U.S., NY-15, I have seen constant police brutality, class disparities, and more. Despite this, any project building or rent-controlled housing complex you enter is full of dedicated and altruistic individuals eager to offer you a meal or clothes. I have dedicated my life to keeping these traditions alive, therefore, I believe my family extends far beyond my apartment walls. This mindset has allowed me to thrive on my path to law school excelling at my internship as an educator in South Africa and opening doors for myself as a documentarian.

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