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Meet the #LSV21 Cohort

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

This year's cohort will be unlike any of the 9 that have come before. It will be smaller - only 25 - the ideal number to fit on a Zoom screen, as opposed to 56, the ideal number to fit on a bus. It will also be held completely online. But the top Silicon Valley talent, topics, and incredible learning will be the same. Let's meet the first group of students who make up this year' cohort:

Alex Copits ‘23 | Columbus, OH

Major | Marketing & Design

Minor | Entrepreneurship

My first job was at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, but that became a lot harder when I became vegan. Because I could not sample the products I was selling, I had to be more creative. In order for me to get a sense of the product I researched, heard stories, and even smelled the ice creams. Through this, I was able to empathize with customers and analyze what they wanted from me and the products we were selling. I realized that this is what the founder, Jeni, had to do and that’s why she has been so successful.

Melissa Herztberg ‘22 | Warren, NJ Major | Finance

Minor | Earth & Environmental Science

I have always been a kinesthetic learner who learns best by doing. The immersive nature of Lehigh Silicon Valley will provide me with invaluable resources in learning about the business aspect of the technology sector. In pursuing a career as a wealth manager, an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the industry will better enable me to accurately advise clients.

Brenden Huegel ‘21 | Columbia, MD Major | Chemical Engineering

Minor | Entrepreneurship

As an extrovert, I rarely have trouble with introductions. However, the question “What do you do for fun in your free time?” always gives me pause—I don’t paint or blog or kayak or run marathons. Though I love reading, my go-to activity when given a free afternoon is connecting with friends. My relationships are the most valuable thing I have, and purposefully growing them (regardless of the activity) is my favorite way to spend time. I believe in the power of connection, and I am excited to enter the LSV space to meet and grow alongside remarkable new people.

Yamil Sanchez '10G ‘22G | Reading, PA

Major | Master of Business Administration

Proudly born and raised in Puerto Rico, I am an educator and life-long learner with over 25 years of experience working with schools and nonprofits. I enjoy learning and challenging myself. Ten years after completing my doctorate at Lehigh, I returned to work on my MBA. Lehigh Silicon Valley will make my second experience at Lehigh even more special. Although I have held various professional roles, I consider myself a teacher and have always worked to serve youth and family in need. Currently, I am the Chief Administrative Officer with the Reading School District.

Princess Scott ‘21 | Pittsburgh, PA

Major | Civil Engineering

Just like my name, I try my best to embody and uphold the values that my family has instilled in me. Coming from a small Christian home in Pittsburgh, I have always been fascinated in understanding another person's point of view. Being able to travel and explore different countries, while immersing myself in another person's culture helps me grow, learn, and appreciate the world around me. Because every single person has an unique story to tell and I look forward to embracing them all.

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