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Meet the #LSV21 Cohort

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

This year's cohort will be unlike any of the 9 that have come before. It will be smaller - only 25 - the ideal number to fit on a Zoom screen, as opposed to 56, the ideal number to fit on a bus. It will also be held completely online. But the top Silicon Valley talent, topics, and incredible learning will be the same. Let's meet the first group of students who make up this year' cohort:

Olivia Abrams '21 | New York, NY Major | Political Science

Minor | Entrepreneurship & Marketing

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I’ve always wanted to make my own path. I’m deeply passionate about creating a more equitable world and believe this can only be sustained through solving long lasting problems with new creative solutions. I’m driven by my strong empathy to help others, inquisitive personality, and desire to create things the world has never seen before. I am constantly thinking about my future and how I can better myself in pursuit of creating a better society. I’m eager to jump into the startup world and soon create a company of my own.

Declan Coster ‘23 | Pittstown, NJ

Major | Electrical Engineering

Minor | Entrepreneurship and Computer Science

Coming to Lehigh, I expected to be solely focused on engineering and my required classes, but the New Ventures Club, Entrepreneurship classes, and the ENTP opportunities at Lehigh got me hooked! I now bring my Entrepreneurship skills into every aspect of my life and have seen it benefit me in everything, from personal projects to Student Senate. I am excited to be part of such a unique experience and impressive cohort.

Kati Dempsey ‘22G | Philadelphia, PA

Major | Master of Business Administration

"Growth and comfort never coexist." - Ginni Rometty

Having been an athlete my entire life, I developed an affinity for team work, leadership, and mentorship, which has evolved into strength in the presence of adversity and change. This strength has allowed me to navigate my winding and pivoting career path such that I continually discover, expand, and develop skill sets by never letting myself become comfortable. While I am career driven and focused, I like to pay-it-forward by mentoring and developing others, such that they can explore more about themselves than they might see.

Liam Fogarty ‘21 | Bethlehem, PA

Major | International Relations

Minor | Entrepreneurship

Over the past few years, I have immersed myself into the world of fitness, both in the physical and mental sense. I believe that if you have a sound body and sound mind it carries into whatever work you are doing in life. Doing this has taught me how to adhere to a strict set of guidelines while at the same time adding my own creative spin to things. I plan to carry this with me into the work we do at LSV21 this year and am extremely excited to be a part of this great opportunity.

Jamie Ghazaii ‘21 | Ridgewood, NJ Major | International Relations

Minor | Religion

I have an interest in all things global. My experiences at Lehigh, as well as at home, have allowed me to cultivate this interest to its fullest. This has allowed me to expand a holistic and international perspective that is vital in today's environment. I hope to create a legacy that displays a passion for community first, diverse solutions in an ever evolving world.

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