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"More on the possibilities of trying"

Sam Eljai '20  | New York, New York

Major | Finance

Minor | Entrepreneurship

“What’s the worst thing that could happen?” This simple, yet complex question posed by Maria Yap at Adobe today really set the tone for rest of the week. As each speaker talked about their backgrounds and stories, it became clear how essential it is to adopt a mindset that focuses less on the fear of failing and more on the possibilities of trying. This mindset can be helpful in reducing the scope of hesitance and reluctance when it comes to pursuing new opportunities, whether that is taking on a new challenging project or even moving across the country for that job. It is also important to note that failure is not always necessarily a bad thing either. Failure can allow one to grow and better understand oneself. This question really resonated with me as I am someone that can be indecisive and reluctant to try new things due to fear of failing.

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