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"My horizons have expanded immensely."

Tracey Miller Andrew Zhang posing with the cool and colorful decor in Adobe's lobby.

Bridget Waldron '22 | Metuchen, NJ

Major | Accounting and Business Information Systems 

Minor | History

As Accounting major, there is a very clear track one is supposed to follow and currently I’m headed down that path. However, I am very much someone who likes to break from the pack, be different, and do my own thing. I applied to LehighSiliconValley to see what else is out there, what other opportunities there are young people like me. Maria Yap, VP of Digital Imaging for Adobe, especially emphasized that life beyond college isn’t going to be linear and that there’s not always that a next rung on the ladder of life. I don’t have to follow the same path others have before me and Silicon Valley is the place to pursue something outside the box.

I am here to see for myself all the cool things that are happening and it’s safe to say that after 1 day of being here I am ready to say goodbye to my life on the East Coast and move out here. It was so inspiring to me that Ann Lewnes, Adobe’s CMO, left her home and drove out to California in her Honda with no job prospects; it is amazing how far she has come. She ended her session by advocating for California and encouraging anyone and everyone to move out here to truly experience the culture and tribe of Silicon Valley. So while Accounting is all about mitigating risks, every speaker we heard from today encouraged us to take them. Maria Yap asked us “Why not?! What’s the worst that could happen?”.

My horizons have expanded immensely and I have gained so much knowledge over just this past day, but I know there is so much more in store for us. We were off to the races today with Tim Eades, literally because he talks a mile a minute but also figuratively because he spouted so much wisdom to us. He explained how we can only really learn from him when he’s open and candid about what goes on in his businesses, and I think I speak for the entire cohort when I say we all loved and greatly appreciated his directness. This business man who drives fast cars and loves rock and roll has started and worked for several successful startups; I honestly think he is the most interesting person I have ever been in the presence of. If each day is packed with as much knowledge and empowerment as Day 1 was (and I know they will be), I will leave LSV ready to take on anything.

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