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"My perspective changed drastically."

Inside the Banana Room at Lyft Headquarters.

Alexander Carr '22 | West Chester, PA

Major | Computer Engineering and Finance

Minor | Economics

When faced with a decision between earnings and social impact, many business professionals will sacrifice charity for the bottom line. However, at Lyft, I learned that these are not mutually exclusive: "The good thing, the right thing, the business thing, can be the same thing." Before today, I thought that philanthropy came at the cost of profits. But, as I strolled into Lyft's office this afternoon, my perspective changed drastically.

Lyft's tag line highlights the importance of giving back. In fact, Lyft already has programs that help low income citizens access job interviews, voting polls, and grocery stores. With these programs, Lyft promotes a stronger and healthier community while creating more opportunities for success.

A theme persisting throughout the program has been to work for companies that align with your personal vision. Therefore, understanding that social impact and positive net income are both obtainable is important. Because of the example that Lyft has provided, I now have an expectation for the companies I want to work for in the future.

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