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Senior Spotlight: Dom Allen '20

Major | Computer Science

Minor | Entrepreneurship, Marketing Hometown | Syracuse, NY

What has been your best entrepreneurial experience at Lehigh? I'd have to say Lehigh Silicon Valley. Every day in that program I experienced new things, met incredible people, and was challenged. It was amazing to work on case studies, tour companies, talk to industry professionals, and everything else we did. I felt like a sponge that entire trip and tried to soak up as much as I could. What has been an entrepreneurial challenge that you've faced? How did you overcome it? One challenge that I've faced is learning to accept and welcome failure and criticism. To me, entrepreneurship is about designing things to help people and make the world a better place. With that in mind, I now welcome failure and criticism because it helps me and whatever I am working on to become better and provide the most value to people. What would you say to an incoming student about getting involved with entrepreneurship at Lehigh? I would say to jump first and figure it out mid-air. There are so many amazing opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation at Lehigh. Many of them support you in doing whatever you are passionate about. So pick something and run with it. I promise you will learn an incredible amount along the way, and if you stumble Baker and the Lehigh community will be there to pick you back up.

What is Preff and what are your next steps with it? Preff is a social meetup platform designed to help people meet up over meals and stay connected to friends and family. Given the current situation, we have explored pivoting to facilitate virtual meetups. I am the only graduating member of the team so I am transitioning into more of an advisory role, but I will still have some level of involvement. What are your plans after graduation? I currently have a job in Philadelphia that is set to start in July. I am planning to live in PA/NJ and get industry experience while I plan to start my own business. I'd love to help any current or future students in any way I can!

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