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Senior Spotlight: Emma Kwasnoski '20

Major | IDEAS: Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, Entrepreneurship

Hometown | Newtown, PA

What has been your best entrepreneurial experience at Lehigh?

Definitely Lehigh Silicon Valley and LSV++!

What has been an entrepreneurial challenge that you've faced? How did you overcome it?

I think a tough challenge I have faced is imposter syndrome. I try to address social issues through entrepreneurship so I put extra pressure on myself to come up with really innovative and encompassing solutions. I am also very analytical so I tend to overthink and doubt my choices and even my expertise. Sometimes my peers and mentors remind me that I am capable, and sometimes I regain my confidence internally.

What would you say to an incoming student about getting involved with entrepreneurship at Lehigh?

Definitely check out the Baker Institute! Both the staff and students are some of the most supportive and kind people I’ve met at Lehigh. Also, they have some pretty great programs and resources to check out. 

Are you working on any project now? If yes, what is it and what are your next steps?

Yes! I am still working on a project I started my sophomore year, Take Back the Trail. My goal is to provide female runners with peace of mind and safety from mid-run sexual harassment. I am prototyping a physical product; it’s essentially a small canister of mace attached to your shoelaces. Right now I’m testing low-resolution prototypes for comfort and usability. My next step is to refine those prototype designs. 

What are your plans after graduation?

I’m sticking around at Lehigh to get a Master’s of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship!

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